My Favorite Sport

My favorite sport is basketball. I love playing basketball with my friends during recess. We have a basketball court in our school, and it\'s always a lot of fun to play there.

Basketball is a team sport, and it requires teamwork and coordination. When we play basketball, we have to pass the ball to each other and work together to score points. It\'s not just about shooting the ball into the hoop; it\'s about working as a team and supporting each other.

Playing basketball also helps me stay active and healthy. It\'s a great way to exercise and stay fit. I love running up and down the court, dribbling the ball, and shooting hoops. It keeps me active and helps me build strength and stamina.

I also enjoy watching basketball games on TV. My favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors. I love watching their games and cheering for them. They have some amazing players like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Watching them play inspires me to practice and improve my own basketball skills.

In conclusion, basketball is my favorite sport because it\'s fun, requires teamwork, and helps me stay active. I enjoy playing and watching basketball, and it\'s something that I will continue to do in the future.


【篇一】六年级小学生英语作文   Our city is not clean now. Burning rubbish makes the air dirty. Smoke from cars and factories makes the air dirty too. Littering makes the streets dirty. To keep our city clean, we can’t burn rubbish anywhere. We can put rubbish in different bins. We can move the factories away from our city. We also can plant more trees.Please join us to keep our city clean. Starting from the little things. Starting from us. 【篇二】六年级小学生英语作文   There are four seasons in a year, I like autumn best. When autumn comes, it gets cooler and cooler. The sky is blue, and the clouds are white. The leaves are yellow. Some hang on the trees, some are on the ground, some dance in the wind. There are so many fruits in autumn. Pears, peaches,watermelon, oranges and soon. They are fresh and healthy. Do you like autumn?【篇三】六年级小学生英语作文   Hello, I’m Jiang Siqi. I have two friends.They are Li Huixi and Zhou Xinyi .Li Huixi is from SuZhou. She is eleven years old. She is a clever girl. She likes skating. She can skate very well. In winter, she usually skates on the ice. Zhou Xinyi is from SuZhou too. She is eleven years old.She studies well at school. She likes singing very much. She is good at singing.Her father and mother both like singing. She has an animal friend. It has big eyes and a big body. It can swim well. It’s a fish. Zhou Xinyi likes it very much. 【篇四】六年级小学生英语作文   Look at my home. It’s very nice and clean. In my home, you can see a living room, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The living room is big and bright. I can play games and skip in it. There are three bedrooms in my home, one for my mum and dad, one for my grandpa and grandma, the last one for me. My bathroom is small but clean.I love my home. Do you like it?【篇五】六年级小学生英语作文   At that time, there was not a gym. They couldn’t run in the gym. People didn’t go by bus or by taxi. People couldn’t use the computer or Internet. But now, we can play sports in the gym. We can use the computer or Internet. We go to work by bus or by taxi. We go to the cinema every weekend. How happy we are!   【篇六】六年级小学生英语作文   Welcome to my hometown. I am Qian Xiaohao. I live in a small town, near Suzhou. It is Yangchenghu Town. There’re a lot of fish and crabs. My home is on Shengtang Road. It’s near a river. It’s clean and quiet. But it’s far from school. I go to school by car.I like my hometown very much. In spring, people grow trees and flowers along the roads. It is beautiful when you drive here. Summer is a hot season. But I like it. Because I can swim in this season. Swimming in the lake is a great fun. Autumn is a cool season. Many people come here and eat crabs. You can see so many cars on the street. You cannot drive fast. In winter, children can make snowmen. It is always a lot of fun. 【篇七】六年级小学生英语作文   My mother has very long hair, and wears a pair of small glasses, never loves wearing fashionable clothes, but loves reading modern books. She is knowledgable and loves writing.I think her working is often exactly alike my father--investment, tireless, efficient,and pursuit of perfection. She loves to be angry and excited very much; be silence and talkative as well. In short, there have "four seasons" of different moods in a day. My mother always loves to say “case by case”. Whatever I do, rightness or wrong, she loves me. That's true, such as when I examined well, she never praised, but let me try hard again; when not well, she was not angry (sometimes exceptions, but very few), but let me do better! I have such a good mother, I’m very happy! May mother happy every day!May mother young forever! Thank you!【篇八】六年级小学生英语作文   Do you have a sweet family? My family is happy and sweet. All the people love each other.There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my brother, and I. My father is tall but fat. So he always gets up early and plays football every day. He is a worker. He works very hard. My mother is a kind woman. She is beautiful. She likes cooking very much. She always cooks delicious food for us. My brother is cute. He has a round face and two big eyes. He is a student. He likes playing basketball. And he is good at it. I’m also a student. I like singing and dancing. I love my sweet family. What about you?


人教版小学六年级上册英语教案5篇 小学阶段英语教学的目的是:激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养学生学习英语的积极性,培养学生一定的语感和良好的语音、语调基础,为进一步学习打下基础。下面我给大家带来关于人教版小学六年级上册英语教案,方便大家学习 人教版小学六年级上册英语教案1 《Because it`s going to rain》 教学目标: 1.能识别词汇:raincoat, 会书写单词:coat 2.学会运用Why are we wearing a raincoat? Because it’s going to rain .来询问和回答有关原因的语句。 重点难点: 1.能识别词汇:raincoat, 会书写单词:coat 2.学会运用Why are we wearing a raincoat? Because it’s going to rain .来询问和回答有关原因的语句。 教学过程: Step 1:Warm-up and show the learning aims 1、Future tense with “be going to” 2、Vocabulary and phrases wear raincoat theatre go into be afraid of throw…out of 3、T Boys and girls, today we are going to learn Module 9 Unit 2Because it’s going to rain. (板书课题并齐读) First ,please look at our learning aims.(出示本课学习目标,教师慢慢读,学生仔细看、认真听。) Step 2 Show the guides (指导自学) 1、Look at the pictures and listen to the tape carefully for “because”。 2、Play the tape again and have the students to imitate. The teacher read the original text slowly. 3、Look and say:Say the right, whole dialogues. 4、 let make silly sentences. For example I’m wearing a dress ,because I’m going to go swimming. Step 3 Explain the knowledge. (点拨) 1.小组内解决自己不懂的地方。 2.Notice“ why”and“ because” Step 4. Finish a task 写出下列动词的ing形式 do_____ run_________ take________ look________ laugh________ make_________ 根据句子意思填空 1. Why are you ________ a hat? Because it’s going to be ________. 2. Why are you wearing a __________? Because I’m going to ________football. 3. It’s going to be cold. I am going to wearing a ________. 4. I’m going to ________. So I take my swimsuit. 板书设计: Unit 1 Why are you laughing Because…。 Laugh大笑 smile 微笑 Under---stand==understand 人教版小学六年级上册英语教案2 教学目标: 知识与能力: 1、能听懂、会说“How tall are you? I’m 1.65meters. I’m taller than this one. How tall is it?” 并能在情景中正确运用。 2、能够知道meter的意思 能够独立完成let’s try的练习 过程与方法: 学生能在合作交流中使用新语言进行沟通 情感与价值观: 培养学生良好的英语学习习惯。 了解基本的计量单位的运用 教学重点: 掌握句型:How tall are you? I’m 1.65meters. I’m taller than this one. How tall is it?” 教学难点: 能在情景中正确运用所学句型并能完成调查表。 教具学具课件准备 录音机及磁带、图片、学生自备一张调查表 第几课时:2 探索流程 个性添加(教学反思) 1. preparation(预习) 1.日常口语练习。 2.复习单词:taller、 longer、 older、 younger 、shorter 2. presentation(新课呈现) (1)Let’s try 教师播放录音,学生独立完成练习并核对答案 (2)Let’s talk a.生阅读对话,并解释大意 b.教师范读,学生跟读 c.分组读,个别读回答问题 d.播放录音,学到再次跟读 3.practice(练习) (1).T How tall are you? I’m 1.65metres.引导学生回答,并多加练习。 (2).做完后教师出示图片问How tall are you?请学生轮流回答。 (3).把图片出示给学生,让他们加强练习。同桌或小组之间互相练习。 (4).学生两人分角色朗读课文对话。 4.homework(家庭拓展) (1).做本单元A Let’s talk部分的活动手册配套练习。 (2)听A Let’s talk部分的录音读给同伴、朋友或家长听。 板书设计 作业布置 Unit 1 How tall are you? 2 How tall are you? I’m 164cm tall. You’re shorter than me. You’re 4cm taller than me. 1听A Let’s talk部分的录音读给同伴、朋友或家长听。 2每个学生准备图片两张,会用学过的比较级单词和相关句型进行演练。(学生可以根据各自的情况以个人或小组的形式来练习。 人教版小学六年级上册英语教案3 教学目标: 1. 听说认读单词:star, easy, look up, Internet. 2. 听说读写句子:There was no library in my school. Tell us about your school, please. How do you know that? There were no computers or Internet in my time. 3. 听懂Let’s try,完成Tick or cross. 教学重点: 1.听说读写句子,听说认读单词。 2.理解对话。 教学难点: 1.听说读写句子,听说认读单词。 2.理解对话。 教具学具课件准备:PPT 第几课时:period 2 探索流程 个性添加(教学反思) Step 1.预习温故(用时5分钟) 1. Go over words of Let’s learn. 教师做动作,学生说单词并造句。教师出示单词卡,全班齐读并拼写单词:dining hall, grass, gym. 2. 用ago造句。 There was a dog in the park five days ago. Step 2. 新课内容展示(用时15分钟) 1.教学单词star, easy, look up, Internet. (1)画星星简笔画 T What’s this? Ss It’s star. 板书star并教读。T Can you spell star? Ss S—T—A—R. T It is easy. (板书并教读easy.) (2)出示一个星座图片,T Do you know its name? Ss I don’t know. T We can look it up on the Internet. 板书look up, Internet讲解并教读。 2. (1)出示有图书馆和没有图书馆的学校照片,学生说句子Ss There was no library in the school. Now there’s a new one. 齐读。 (2)出示有电脑和没有电脑的学校图片。T There were no computers or Internet in my time. 注意are -- were. 学生反复读该句子。(3) 讲解并教读句子:Tell us about your school, please. How do you know that? 3. 学生听录音,老师教读对话。 4.学生自己读对话,回答问题:What was Grandpa’s school like? 5.学生讲解对话,教师补充答疑。 Step 3.合作交流:(用时10分钟) 1. 教读对话,学生小组练习对话。 2. 学生灵活运用本课时单词和句型自由编对话。 3. Finish Let’s try. 4. Step4、达标检测(用时9分钟) 板书设计 作业布置 Unit 4 Then and now There was no library in my school. Tell us about your school, please. How do you know that? There were no computers or Internet in my time. 1.抄写本节课的单词和句子各一遍。 2.完成活动手册 3.完成练习册。 人教版小学六年级上册英语教案4 《We are going to speak Chinese》 教学目标: 1.能听懂、会认、会读study ,History ,Physics等单词。 2.会用what are you going to study ?I’m going to …等语句来描述将要做的事情。 3.能口头会用Where are you going to go ? I’m going to go …/What are you going to do? I’m going to …等语句来描述自己的计划。 重点难点: 1.能听懂、会认、会读study ,History ,Physics等单词。 2.会用what are you going to study ?I’m going to …等语句来描述将要做的事情。 3.能口头会用Where are you going to go ? I’m going to go …/What are you going to do? I’m going to …等语句来描述自己的计划。 教学过程: Step 1:Warm-up and show the learning aims T Boys and girls, do you like games. Let’s play a game, ok? Now take out your books. I say and you show Chinese, maths, English, Science, Art, PE, Music. Now, I show the books, and you say. Show the words about books, let Ss say quickly. T My kids, today we are going to learn Module 10 Unit 1 We are going to speak Chinese. (板书课题并齐读) First ,please look at our learning aims.(出示本课学习目标,教师慢慢读,学生仔细看、认真听。) Step 2 Show the guides (指导自学) 1. . Learn the new lore middle school, History, Chemistry, Physics T Boys and girls, we are in Grade six now. We’re learning these subjects. We’re going to go to middle school this September. We’re going to be students. And we’re going to learn some new subjects. They are History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Geography… Show the books and the cards of the words to learn. 2. Practice Now, let’s practice. Show the card of the word practice. I show and you say. Show the cards of the words History, Chemistry, and Physics. Read one by one. 3、say the Chant Middle school, middle school, I’m going to go to middle school. History, History/ Physics, Physics / Chemistry, Chemistry… I’m going to study History/ Physics/ Chemistry … Let Ss read the chants. And make a chant by oneself. Step 3. Learn the text You are going to go to middle school this September. And Daming is going to go to middle school, too. Let’s learn more about Daming will go to middle school. 1. Listen to the tape. Listen and find, underline the sentences with “be going to”。 2. Listen again, and answer the questions when is Daming going to go to middle school? What new subjects is Daming going to study? Step 4 Practice Remember new words by heart then have a dictation Only have one minute to remember these words in their own way, then they’ll have a dictation. Have a dictation listen and write. (课件展示听力题内容,让学生听音写出新词,培养学生的听力及单词书写能力,老师由此可以了解学生对课文及单词的掌握情况。) Read sentences , pay attention to the time and say “Yes “or “No”。 呈现句子:Are you going to go to middle school this September? 然后点击时间状语this September,时间状语可以变换:tonight, tomorrow, next year, this afternoon等等,使学生更加明确be going to句式的用法。 Read sentences and choose “am going to, is going to , are going to”。 呈现句子:He …go to middle school this September.点击人称代词He将进行变换:I,she, we, Daming, you, Sam and Amy等,让学生选择“am going to, is going to , are going to”填空,使学生能熟练掌握be动词在不同人称下的变换形式,达到灵活运用。 板书设计: Unit 1 we are going to speak Chinese Daming Physics Chemistry History Amy Chinese 1. Where are you going to go this summer? 2. What are you going to do? 3. What are you going to study? 人教版小学六年级上册英语教案5 一.学情分析: 我们六(1)班和六(3)共113人。两个班部分学生基础比较好,能准确掌握所学的知识点。但也很多学生由于基础较差,单词量不多,没有掌握做题技巧,主要在听和写两方面较弱。针对学生不足的方面,进行专项,有效的复习。 二、复习目标: 1、认读四会单词,在学生原有的基础上增加一定的单词量,并且按照要求背诵四会单词。能完成四会单词默写,分类的练习。 2、认读教材中出现的一些词组的用法。能完成英汉互译和连线的习题。 3、掌握教材中出现的句型,和一些简单的与教材内容有关的语法知识。能够区分教材中出现的句型,运用翻译补充所学句子。 4、能够认读教材中的短文,能独立完成一些较容易阅读题。 5.能跟每单元的内容,例如:Myweekendplan,Mypenpal,introduceparents’jobs,等相关的写作练习。 三、复习内容及要点: 1、单词。单词是英语的基础和复习的重点。 1)按词性归类复习单词。有关交通工具,地点,职业,情绪等方面的单词。 2)按词汇表复习单词。每天听写一个单元单词。 2、词组。词组是学习英语的关键,它是复习英语的良好途径,同时又是学习句子的基础。把词组归类,分类掌握。要让学生学会自己组词。 3、句子。句子是学习英语的重点,也是本册教材的重点和难点。 1)指导学生在语境中复习句子。 2)根据句子类型指导学生在比较中复习句子,教给学生适当的语法知识。 3)让学生能够运用句型进行问答练习。 4、阅读,写作。根据每单元的话题进行练习。 四、复习方法及原则 1、加强单词的朗读和默写,给学生明确的任务,使他们也能尽自己能力过好单词关。将词组复习与单词分类复习相联系。在复习过程中,要紧紧抓住教材中的短文,做到精读和导读相结合,在较短时间内起到良好的教学效果。把单词、词组、句子和阅读作为一个有机整体,在复习过程中将它们紧密联系起来,合理安排复习内容,提高学生整体运用知识的能力。。 2、以听说读写为主要途径,让学生多读,在复习中培养学生郎读英语的习惯,在学生多读多说的基础上不断提高听和写的能力。听说读写要有机结合,才能相辅相成。学生基础差,见过的英语习题比较少,要从习题入手,让学生尽可能的多做习题。 3、进行分类专项训练,帮助不同层次的学生获得不同的提高和收获。学生两极分化现象严重,那么对不同层次的学生就要提出不同的要求。对于成绩较差的学生复习重点应放在单词,句型等基础知识上。 紧张的复习工作已经全面展开,我们要以学生为主体,要求从实际出发,让所有的学生都获得一定的提高和进步,不但在考试中取得好成绩,也为以后的学习打下坚实的基础。 四、期末复习课时安排: 课时安排复习内容 12月25,26日复习Unit1,2,3的重点单词 12月29,30,日复习Unit1,2,3的重点句子 12月31日,1月4日复习Unit4,5,6的重点词汇 1月5,6日复习Unit4,5,6的重点句子 1月7,8日词汇句型专项练习 1月9日写作练习 1月12,13日综合练习


呵呵 希望对你有所帮助 祝楼主进步哈 人教版小学英语·六年级上册·单词表 Unit 1 by (经,乘) foot(脚) bike(自行车) bus(公共汽车) train(火车) plane飞机 ship 船;舰 subway 地铁 how(怎样) go to school(上学) fifth 第五 traffic(交通) traffic light(交通灯) traffic rule(交通规则) stop(停,停车站) wait(等待) remember 记住 get to(到达) find 寻找;找到 difference 不同;区别 same 相同的 every 每个;所有的 country 国家 always 总是 mean 意思是 drive 驾驶 right 右边的 side 边 England 英国 Australia 澳大利亚 however 但是 left 左边的 if 如果 must 必须 know 知道 Unit 2 library(图书馆) post office(邮局) hospital(医院) cinema(电影院) bookstore(书店) science museum 科学博物馆 excuse me 对不起 where(在哪里,到哪里) please(请) next to(与…相邻) far 远 supermarket 超市 bank 银行 after school 放学以后 want 想要 buy 买 a pair of 一双 shoe store 鞋店 get off 下车 minute 分钟 north 北 south 南 east 东 west 西 turn(转弯) right (右边) left(左边) straight(成直线地) then(然后) twelfth 第二十 party 聚会;晚会 tell 告诉 start 开始 take 乘坐 look for 寻找 Unit 3 next week(下周) this morning(今天上午) this afternoon(今天下午) this evening (今天晚上) tonight 今晚 tomorrow 明天 take a trip 去旅行 read a magazine 阅读杂志 go to the cinema 去看电影 theme park 主题公园 the Great Wall 长城 busy 忙碌的 together 一起地 comic book(漫画书) post card(明信片) newspaper(报纸) magazine 杂志 dictionary 词典 ;字典 buy(购买) fruit stand 水果摊 pet shop 宠物商店 need 需要 plant 植物 else 其他;另外 shop 商店 Unit 4 hobby(爱好) ride a bike--riding a bike(骑自行车) dive--diving(跳水) play the violin— playing the violin(拉小提琴) make kites—making kites(制作风筝) collect stamps—collecting stamps(集邮) show 展览 pen pal 笔友 dear 亲爱的 twin 双胞胎之一 something 某事物 must 一定;肯定 fun 快乐;乐趣 with 同… TV reporter电视台记者 live –lives(居住) teach--teaches(教) go--goes(去) watch--watches(看) read--reads(读,看) does doesn’t=does not different 不同的 week 星期;周 say 说 soon 不久 excited 兴奋的;激动的 Unit 5 singer(歌唱家,歌手) writer(作家) actor(男演员) actress(女演员) artist(画家) TV reporter(电视台记者) Hong Kong 香港 engineer(工程师) accountant(会计) policeman(男警察) salesperson(销售员) cleaner(清洁工) company 公司 where(在哪里,到哪里) work(工作) factory 工厂 design 设计 tip 有用的小建议 help 帮助 money 钱 well 好;对;满意地 enjoy 从…获得乐趣 tourist 旅行者; way 路;道 motor cycle 摩托车 police 警方;警察部门 Unit 6 rain(雨) cloud (云) vapour 蒸汽;水汽 sun(太阳) stream(河,溪) come from(来自,从…来) shine 照耀 become 变成 little 小的 drop 一滴 wake up 醒来 feel 感觉到 think 想;思考 meet 遇见 high 高的 other 其他的 fall 落下 down 向下 into 进入 come out 露出 again 又 seed(种子) soil(土壤) sprout (苗,芽) plant(植物,种植) should (应该) then(然后) garden 花园 easy 简单的 put 放 several 一些 day 天 see 看见 pot 锅碗瓢盆 lovely 可爱的 make sure 核实 month 月份 still 仍然 hardly 几乎不



一、Unit1 Where did you go on vacation?

二、Unit2 How often do you exercise?

三、Unit3 Im more outgoing than my sister.

四、Unit4 Whats the best movie theater?五、Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show?六、Unit6 Im going to study computer science.

七、Unit 7 Will people have robots?

八、Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

九、Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

十、Unit10 If you go to the party,you ll have a great time!