My Dream (我的梦想)


Everyone has dreams, and I am no exception. As a middle school student, I have many aspirations and dreams that I hope to achieve in the future. Among all of these dreams, the most important one is to become a successful doctor.

From a very young age, I have always had a strong passion for helping others. The idea of alleviating people\'s pain and contributing to society through medicine has always fascinated me. Besides, the medical field offers endless opportunities for learning and personal growth, which is very appealing to me.

To achieve my dream, I know that it will require a lot of hard work and dedication. First and foremost, I need to focus on my studies. I need to excel in subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics. Acquiring a strong academic foundation will be crucial for me to pursue further studies in the medical field.

In addition to academic studies, I need to develop other essential skills. Communication is one such skill that is vital for a doctor. I plan to improve my communication skills by participating in various extracurricular activities like debates and public speaking competitions. These activities will help me to express my ideas confidently and persuasively.

Furthermore, I intend to volunteer at local hospitals and clinics during my free time. By doing so, I will gain firsthand experience in the medical field. This experience will not only strengthen my understanding of healthcare but also provide me with valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of being a doctor.

Apart from my personal development, I also believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle. To become a doctor, I must prioritize my own well-being. This means maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Taking care of myself physically will enable me to better take care of others in the future.

In conclusion, my dream is to become a successful doctor. I am fully aware that achieving this dream will require hard work, dedication, and continuous learning. However, I am committed to putting in the effort and making sacrifices because I genuinely believe that by becoming a doctor, I can make a positive impact on the lives of others and contribute to society.


【 #英语资源# 导语】在平平淡淡的日常中,大家总免不了要接触或使用作文吧,作文一定要做到主题集中,围绕同一主题作深入阐述,切忌东拉西扯,主题涣散甚至无主题。作文的注意事项有许多,你确定会写吗? 考 网为大家准备了以下内容,供大家参考阅读。1.初中生关于梦想的英语作文   A word of advice often heard by young people is be realistic. In this regard, some people nod silently, while others stubbornly shake their heads.And I am willing to be one of the stubborn shakers. Reality is a kind of exhortation, but it is more like a kind of bondage. We wrap thorns with layers of reality, and finally wrap them into a large group of "mummies". We can't see the thorns and the real ourselves. We have been smoothed out and lost our vitality. We, young people, may have nothing left but mediocrity. Think of the Peking man who "can't sleep and squint" in Lao She's "thinking of Peiping", born at the gate of the imperial city at the foot of the emperor. It seems superior, but in fact, he has lost all his dreams and hopes, leaving only a more realistic life. In contrast, the group of passionate young people in the Beijing youth a few days ago showed us the vigorous young people in the new era. They are the group of stubborn rebels shaking their heads - rebellious but full of vitality, full of blood and dreams. This kind of blood with ideals is what I pursue and what I insist on. It belongs to the young US and is essential to the society. But young people, don't ignore or completely despise the old man's advice be realistic. The elders experienced more than us, saw more, listened more, and understood more naturally. The sentence "be realistic" is not only a blow to us with dreams, but also reminds us that just having dreams is not enough to succeed. We should face reality while having dreams. When we open the long volume of history and read it casually, we can clearly see that none of those who have achieved great things since ancient times are willing to be mediocre and blindly realistic, but none can climb the green cloud ladder with only fantasy, such as Liu bangru Han Xin, Napoleon Zhuge Liang, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Madame Curie and Einstein, How bumpy the reality is. Only with great ambition in mind but no courage and ability to meet the challenge, we can only drown in the suffering of reality and sigh "what can I do? Fate is not mine. " And those who are truly successful, whether the reality is multi censure or broken mountains and rivers, whether they are faced with many dangers or sitting in the laboratory alone, they have immortal dreams and face the reality unyielding. To be realistic, it is exhortation, bondage, challenge and test. Don't be overwhelmed by reality, and don't be divorced from reality and blindly empty fantasy. With a dream in mind, face the reality, act on it, and finally succeed.2.初中生关于梦想的英语作文   Dream, overflowing honey in the flowers, inlaying water droplets on the leaves, holding fragrance in the wind, and rippling in the water. Dream is an angel coming down to earth, holding flowers of hope in his hands, and bursts of stars surround this beautiful scene. Dream is a small seed that will eventually break through the soil, grow into a big tree and bear rich fruits.My dream stopped in the field and saw the fruit with a smiling face dancing on the branches; Look at that piece of rice, open your hands; Look at the water splashes beating and rolling up stones; Look at that noisy chicken and duck. How joyful and joyful it is. I want to be in such a wonderful world and see the poems brought by the wind holding up my skirt. I dream of being in this paradise. Even without these three or five peach forests, there is no lack of beautiful scenery in my heart. My dream smiled in the ocean and looked at the blue sky reflecting the beautiful scenery in the middle of the ocean; Look at the soft golden sand, which enters the soles of your feet and brings comfort and peace of mind; Look at the seagulls flying by, laughing and trying to fly forward. I also want to go to the sea to see the fish Fairies in colorful clothes and the jellyfish dancing in the deep sea; Look at the strong Mr. shark; Look at the submarine flying happily at the bottom of the sea, loaded with one dream after another. I want to know why the small water fighter can carry the dreams of hundreds of billions of people, why there are drops of sweat and red eyes. I dream of touching this admirable submarine and fighter one day. I dream that one day I can go to the deep-water world and do my part for myself and my country. My dream is infatuated with people's smiles. Look at the crystal fragile but precious smile on that childish face; Look at the vibrant smile like the dawn; Look at the moonlight smile hidden in the wrinkles. Every smile is very pleasant. The infectious smile blooms and wipes honey on the corners of the mouth. I dream of having a permanent smile on the faces of myself and the people around me. 3.初中生关于梦想的英语作文   Whether the clock is bad or not has nothing to do with time. You were born in the heat, I was born in flowers; You love elegance, I'm so publicity; You have your own opinion. I love listening. We enjoyed the spring with green grass, the summer with cicadas, the autumn with fallen leaves and the winter with snow layers. In these fleeting years, extravagant years are passing away.The English teacher said the rabbit jumps high and falls far. There is no doubt that you and I are the same. Jumping can reach the top five and falling can reach more than ten. When I do well in the exam, it is like a swan out of a cage, and I can fly in the sky; If you don't do well in the exam, it's like a discouraged ball rolling everywhere. I still remember that I was taught by the head teacher that night. The moonlight cast a slanting shadow. We wandered aimlessly around the campus and were very upset. We are so afraid to see our parents' locked eyebrows, silent lips and disappointed expression. Can't escape, can't escape. My parents just sighed when I read day. You stay at school and don't even want to eat. With his head down, he walked round and round the lake gravel road. We seem to be inspired and cheer up youth is like figs. It is bitter at first, but then it precipitates sweet juice. When you peel off the skin, you will find that it is so fragrant. So, you and I hummed a song - because the most beautiful song is sung for vigorous youth, singing like flying Looking up at the star overhead, although it is not the brightest, we can see that it is trying to shine. Heaven and earth as a mirror, the sun and moon as evidence, we have been working hard for our dreams, either happy or sad


Everyone has his dreams, but not all these dreams can come true. People give up their dreams for this or that reason. Those whose dreams become true have at least one thing in common, that is, they always hold fast to their dreams.Marie Curie, a famous scientist, has set a good example. to get the new element became her dream and goal of her life. After four years hard work Marie and her hus-band at last saw the dim blue light of the new element -- radium. Her dream had come true. Hold fast to your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. The path to dreams may not be smooth and wide, , but hold on to the end, you ,sill find there is no greater happiness than making your dream come true.


初中学生英文自我介绍(精选8篇) 当我们在一个新环境中,我们时常会需要作自我介绍,通过自我介绍可以得到他人的欣赏。千万不能认为自我介绍随便应付就可以,以下是我收集整理的初中学生英文自我介绍(精选8篇),欢迎阅读与收藏。 初中学生英文自我介绍1 Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to stand here to introduce myself. My name is Wang Xiaoming. I’m 4 years old, from Zhen Jiang Zhong Shan Road Primary School. It’s a beautiful school, and I love it very much. I’m a happy and talented boy. I like to make friends with others, and I get on well with my classmates. Basketball is my favorite ort. I always play basketball in my are time. Through this game, I get many benefits. At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, History, and so on. I like all of them. And I’m doing well in my study. I’m interested in learning English very much. I believe that I will do well in future. I won’t let you down. Thank you for your listening.   初中学生英文自我介绍2 Hello everybody, my name is xxx, xx years old this year. I am a cheerful little girl, my easy-going personality, after class, I am always happy to hear the laughter. My next sometimes after school to help students talk about the bad performance issues, I will help others to do what I should do. I think help others also feel happy! I am a Leader in the class I was in charge of discipline in perfect order. Strong organizational skills, and sometimes I will take the students to carry out a number of useful activities. I still carried a small first class assembly team has done a very impressive too! My specialty is the piano, dancing, calligraphy. I grew up studying piano, is the playing is still considered good yo! I also learned to dance, I learned a x years. I was an art school in Chongqing to the test. Dance xlevel certificate. My handwriting is the best, I write the words in the class is the best too! This is me! A copyright dedecms Generous and cheerful little girl! In the next life, I will work hard and we became good friends, thank you!   初中学生英文自我介绍3 Hello,every! My name is Lihua. My English name is Helen. I have two bright eyes and short hair. Im twelve. I`m from Shenzhen city,China. There are three people in my family, my mother, father and I. My parents work in a bank. They work hard. I begin to go to Shenzhen No.4 Middle School this month. Im in Class Three, Glade Seven.Our school is very good. There are about three thousand students in it. And I have a good English teacher. Her name is Luowei. she speaks English very well. We all like her. Now,I have some friends. They are all friendly to me. Were all happy.   初中学生英文自我介绍4 My name is peter. I am si- years old. I am from Taiwan. Many people ask me about my Chinese name because they think the meaning of it is very interesting. But I hope my friends can remember my English name rather than my Chinese one. My hobby is playing basketball. I usually play it with my friends after school, and I believe playing basketball will bring me good health. I am a talkative person. It is very difficult for me to keep quiet. Now I am studying in English, so I hope everyone can speak English to me. Otherwise I will feel very bad if I keep quiet.   初中学生英文自我介绍5 Hello everyone,I am honored to be there to give my speech.My name is …I am in a middle school.My hobby is watching English movies and Japanese cartoons.I am very popular among my friends and I am always ready to help people who are in trouble. My English is very good,for I always believe thatwhere there is a will,there is a way.I keep on learning every day.I hope that I will conmunicate with foreigners one day . That’s all.Thank you.   初中学生英文自我介绍6 My name is xx and I am xx years old now. I come from Datong Shanxi Province.I like English very much,because its useful for me.Im a good student in our school.And in my class every one likes me. I always take part in a lot of activities in my class.In the college,I want to make more progress. Thank you!   初中学生英文自我介绍7 Teachers,good afternoon. Allow me to briefly talk about myself. My name is - Xianning graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional. I was a character,cheerful girl,so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis,volleyball,skating. When a person like the Internet at home,or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books,and family members have told me,Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family,then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family,my grandmother,grandfather and my own. My grandfather is a engineer,I am very severely on peacetime,the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly for the elderly,care for my life in every possible way. Therefore,I have no parents in their care,childhood and growth were full of joy. I like this hotel management professional,because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment. I have my professional self-confidence and hope,as long as the efforts will be fruitful,this is my motto. Since I chose this profession,I will follow this path,effort,perseverance path. Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.   初中学生英文自我介绍8 Good morning, everyone! My Name is Lu Xin. I am so happy to stand in front of you to introduce myself. I am thirteen years old. I graduated from the No.1 Primary School of our city. I like reading books and playing badminton. I hope we can take exercises after class. Besides, I like watching movies and listening to pop music. I am sure there are some classmates have the common interests with me. Therefore, we can communicate with each other. In primary school, I did well in Chinese but math is not so good. I hope I can make progress in middle school. I am very excited to be a classmate of you and I hope we can make progress and have good days together. ;



1 审题:审清作文体裁(类型)时态、人称等细节; 2 列提纲(文章结构框架):分几段,以及每段大体内容; 3 写作:在提纲的基础上补充要点;

4 复查:2遍——1遍看查拼写、语法、标点等问题;2遍不出声读查,靠语感检查语句是否通顺、连贯等;5 誊抄:不允许做任何的更改。 二、作文一般框架: 文章分3段:


(2)正文——主要内容:层次性强,一定要有过渡型连接词。最多展开3个方面,每个方面最多2句话;(3)紧扣主题,2句话内结束,尽量升华。 Beginning 开头: topic sentence 主题句----说出文中的要点、核心问题

Middle 正文 :supporting sentences支持句----用例子、实事或数据围绕主题开展叙述、讨论 Ending concluding sentence 结论句----对全文的总结和概括。 1. Learning English

As we all know, English becomes more and more popular/ important. Many people say it’s difficult to learn English.But I don’t think so. 2. To be a volunteer for the 26th Universiade

As we all know, the 26th Universiade is coming soon. I want to be a volunteer for it. A volunteer plays an important part in the 26th Universiade. 3. A School Trip I will never forget the school trip last week. 三、巧用连接词,赋予语言灵气 按事情发展的先后或时间顺序 1)Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly

2)first, then/next, after that/ next, finally

3) soon, suddenly, at that moment , as soon as, from now on, at the same time, not...until, before, after, when , while, during 表示并列

not only... but also, both... and, either ...or, neither...nor,on the one hand…on the other hand 表示举例或补充

1)for example 2)besides / what’s more/ what’s worse 表示转折 however, but,although, instead (of) 表示原因 thanks to, because of,because 表示结果 as a result, so ,so...that, such...that, 表目的 in order to, so that

表比较 the same as, as...as..., than, of all 五、结尾画龙点睛,首尾呼应

1. 与开头呼应,再次重申自己的观点, 注意避免重复句式。 2. 结尾经典词组、句型: At last/ Finally ... 最后In a word, ... 总而言之In short, ... 简言之 We hope that··· 我们希望Let’s try our best to ....I believe if we can..., ... will be .... What a ...! / How...! Keeping healthy

Let’s try our best to keep healthy.

In short, it’s important to have good habits and keep healthy. Helping others

I believe if we can help others, the world will be more and more beautiful. To be a green consumer [knsjum]消费者 Let’s try our best to be a green consumer. In one word, it’s necessary for us to protect the environment. Beijing

How beautiful Beijing is!Why not come to Beijing and enjoy yourself?


【 #英语资源# 导语】作文是中学英语学习的重要内容之一,也是学生综合能力的体现。它与学生的词汇量、语法、句法能力和逻辑思维能力等有密不可分的关系,在高考中占有相当大的比重。而许多学生在此方面丢分甚多,以致影响最后总分,因此提高学生写作能力势在必行。如何提高学生的英语写作能力呢?以下是 为大家精心整理的初中生英语作文范文【十篇】,欢迎大家阅读。 【篇一】初中生英语作文范文:保持用英文写日记   On Keeping a Diary in English Keeping a diary in English is one of the effective ways to improve our English writing ability.Compared with other forms of writing, it is shorter and takes less time. It can help us to cultivate the habit of thinking in English. If we persist in this practice, gradually we'll learn how to express ourselves in English. In keeping a diary in English, we inevitably run up against a lot of difficulties .In the first place, it often happens that we have trouble finding appropriate words and phases to give expression to our mind. Secondly, there are many idiomatic ways of saying things in Chinese. And it is extremely hard for us to put them into English properly. Certainly, there are some other roadblocks we may come across in our keeping a diary in English. As far as I'm concerned, my suggestion is that we should always have a notebook and a Chinese-English dictionary within easy reach. Whenever something beats us, we can first put it down in our notebook and then consult our dictionary. We can also turn to our English teacher for help, if necessary. In short, I believe that it is of great use to keep a diary in English for the development of our writing skills. 【篇二】初中生英语作文范文:电视和电影的影响   There is no doubt that watching television and movies can influence the way that people behave. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort of visual entertainment, whether it is television, a video tape or a DVD.Therefore, the effects of visual media cannot be ignored. One obvious effect of the these media is that watching them induces people to buy certain products. television advertising is widespread and, nowadays, even movie theaters permit advertisements. Another way TV and the movies affect people is that they give people either a broader view of the world or a distorted one, depending on what type of program they watch. Those who watch news and educational program can learn many new things while those who watch primarily entertainment shows may come to believe that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks. It may make them become dissatisfied with their own lives. Finally, perhaps the most susceptible viewers are children, who may be unable to tell fact from fiction and may try to imitate acts that they see on TV or in the movies. With the every-increasing popularity of video entertainment, society must pay attention to these effects. Television and movies, while entertaining and informative, cannot take the place of real experience. 【篇三】初中生英语作文范文:向外国人介绍中国习俗   Dear Tina,亲爱的蒂娜, I'm very happy to hear that you're coming to china next week. I hope to see you soon. 听说你下周要来中国,我很高兴。我希望很快见到你。 As we all know, different countries have different customs. So the manners in China are very different from those in your country. Let me tell you something about customs and manners in our country. 我们都知道,不同的国家有不同的习俗。所以中国的礼仪和你们国家的很不一样。让我告诉你一些关于我们国家的风俗习惯。 First, we Chinese are supposed to shake hands when we meet for the first time. Then we greet each other. After that, you can talk about something relaxing. But you are not supposed to talk about someone's salary, age and so on. Second, we use chopsticks to have meals while you use your forks at table. Also, it's bad manners to talk too much when you're having meals. 我们中国人应该在第一次见面时握手。然后我们互相问候。之后,你可以谈论一些放松的事情。但是你不应该谈论某人的工资、年龄等。第二,我们用筷子吃饭,而你在餐桌上用叉子。吃饭时说话太多也是不礼貌的。 I hope you'll have a wonderful time in our country. 我希望你在我们国家过得愉快。 【篇四】初中生英语作文范文:给爸爸妈妈的信   Dear Mum and Dad,I'm writing to you in Beijing. I'm very happy to visit Beijing again. To my surprise, great changes have taken place here recently. Today I went to Wangfujing Street. Now the streets are cleaner and nicer than before. There are many flowers everywhere and there is a fine smell of the flowers in the air. There are more new buildings, modern shops and large markets in it. People in Beijing are happy. Everyone has a smile on the face. I know they are working hard for the 2008 Olympics. I hope they will have a good luck. Yours, Jack 【篇五】初中生英语作文范文做个孝顺的孩子   Filial piety is a traditional virtue in China. People say, "filial piety comes first." Now that we have grown up, we should also do something for our parents to honor them.孝顺,是中华的传统统美德,人们都说:“百善孝为先。”现在我们长大了,也应该替父母做一些力所能及的事情,来孝敬父母了。 I go to school by myself every day, so my parents don't have to send me to school, so I have time to work more. After dinner, I usually tidy up the dishes and desks, so that my parents can have more time to rest after work. I pick up water twice a few weeks, and my parents wash their feet, so that they can relax after a hard day, no longer So tired. 我每天都自己上学,这样父母就不用送我上学,就有时间多工作;我们在吃完晚饭后,一般都是我整理碗筷,收拾桌面,这样爸爸妈妈在下班后就会有时间多休息一会;我差不多几周会有两次接水个爸爸妈妈洗脚,使得父母在劳累了一天后,身心能舒缓一下,不再那么疲惫。 However, filial piety requires both filial piety and obedience. Although I have achieved filial piety, I still haven't succeeded. My mother's temper is a little impatient, my temper is also very stubborn, we often quarrel because of little things. I think I will do this later if I am wrong, I will reflect on myself; if my mother is wrong, I should wait for her anger to subside and then tell her. 不过孝顺孝顺,既要孝,也要顺。虽然我做到了孝,可是还是没有做到顺。我的妈妈脾气有些急躁,我的脾气也是十分地犟,我们经常因为一点鸡毛蒜皮的小事而吵得不可开交。我想,我以后要这样做:如果是我错了,我要反省自己;如果是妈妈错了,我应该等她的火气消了之后在跟她说。 I hope each of us can be a good filial child! 【篇六】初中生英语作文范文:读书是一种乐趣   Grandma Bing Xin said, "reading is the happiest thing in my life."冰心奶奶说:“读书是我一生中最快乐的事。” This summer vacation, I read two books, one is "green fairy tale" and the other is "sunshine girl". The story is very good-looking. The hero's bravery, kindness, diligence, filial piety and other excellent characters are worthy of learning in my life. Reading let me learn knowledge, let me have wisdom. 今年暑假里,我看了两本书,一本是《格林童话》,一本是《阳光女孩》,故事非常好看,主人公的勇敢、善良、勤劳、孝顺等优秀品格是值得我一生学习的榜样。读书让我学习到了知识,让我拥有智慧。 Later, I fell in love with watching TV and went to play all over the place on the day off. I didn't like reading books. After a while, my academic performance dropped. My mother was angry and criticized me. I was very unhappy. My mother asked me to review my textbooks every day after school, read some meaningful extracurricular books on weekends, and keep a diary every day. Slowly, my academic performance improved. My mother praised me happily, and I was very happy. 后来,我迷上了看电视,休息日到处去玩,不喜欢看书了,一段时间后,我的学习成绩下降了,妈妈很生气,批评了我,我很不开心。妈妈要求我每天放学回家后都要温习课本,双休日要看些有意义的课外书,并且坚持每天写一篇日记,慢慢的,我的学习成绩有提高,妈妈开心的表扬了我,我也很高兴。 Reading is also my happiest thing. 读书也是我最快乐的事。 【篇七】初中生英语作文范文:我的英语学习   Time past quickly. My three years of high school life is coming to an end. In retrospect, I have a lot of memories of my English learning.时间过得真快!我三年的中学生活马上就要结束了。回想起来,我对我的英语学习有很多记忆。 When I entered middle school, I had a lot of difficulties in English. I can't understand the teacher in class, and I can't master words and phrases. There was a time when I wanted to give it up. Later, with the help of the teachers and classmates, I listened to the teacher carefully in class, insisted on reading English every day and said as much as possible. My English has made great progress step by step. 当我进入中学时,我的英语有很多困难。我在课堂上听不懂老师的话,也不能掌握单词和短语。有一段时间我想放弃它。后来在老师和同学的帮助下,上课认真听老师讲课,每天坚持读英语,尽量多说。我的英语一步一步取得了很大的进步。 In short, only by cultivating interest in learning English can we learn English well. 只有培养学习英语的兴趣,才能学好英语。 【篇八】初中生英语作文范文:My Naughty Nephew 淘气的侄子   My sister got married three years ago, and now her son is one year old. Last week, my sister was very busy, so she asked me to take care of her children for half a day. I agreed without hesitation, because I thought it was a very simple thing. But it turned out to be wrong. My nephew is always moving. He is too young to walk, so he crawls everywhere. I need to pay more attention. Because once he leaves my sight, something bad will happen. Although I sit on the chair, I can't do anything. I'm very tired. When my sister came back, I was relieved that it was not easy to raise a children.【篇九】初中生英语作文范文:如何保护自己 How to protect myself   作为一个学生,我认为保护自己免受危险是很重要的情况。首先我必须尽快冷静下来,因为恐慌是不可能的救命。立即拨打119是最有效的储蓄方式我自己。就像走楼梯而不是电梯。没有只要有积极的态度和充分的准备,我就能保护自己不受火灾的伤害。As a student,I think it important for me to protect myself from dangerous situations.First of all,I must calm down as soon as possible,for panicking is of no help.Then,as is know to all,calling 119 immediately is the most effective way to save myself.As well as that,it is best to take the stairs instead of elevators. IN conclusion,with positive attitude and sufficient preparations,I will be able to protect myself from fires. 【篇十】初中生英语作文范文:介绍你喜欢的电影   I like movies very much. My favorite movie is “Love Me Once More, Mom”.This is a moving story about a mother and her son. The son?was lost one day and the mother was so worried that she looked for him everywhere,but she couldn't find him She was very sad and almost went mad. I think it is a wonderful movie. It is so moving and sad that I ever cried over and over again. How I wish to watch it again.